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Mij geddy lee jazz bass

Mij geddy lee jazz bass

Oct 20, Jul 29, St. Louis, MO. Aug 6, Waco,TX. Over the years I've owned 3 MIM j's. My opinion is that with really good attention to setup they're great basses. I sold 2 due to financial problems. One was a 5'ER that I've never missed because I felt much of the feel was gone over the 4 string neck.

However, it had a really good sounding b string. The other was a fretless 4 in metallic sea foam green that I wish I still had it was beautiful and it played awesome. Now I have a black MIM fretless 4 that's especially beautiful as it has a silver pearloid pick guard and the fingerboard has about 10 carefully applied light coats of tru oil so that the rosewood is dark enough that it looks like ebony from a distance.

I'm psyched about the GL J. I've been playing fretless exclusively for years now and although I think I'll always prefer fretless lately I've been wanting frets. Oct 21, Nov 14, Narvik, Norway.

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Jan 24, Redondo Beach, CA. I hope Fender buries the "Made in Mexico" on the back of the headstock and in small, small type. Jun 4, Camelon, Scotland. Sandman64SirMjac28 and Captain Chaos like this. Nov 1, Central Ohio. RumbleMan3 likes this. Jun 14, Highland.

mij geddy lee jazz bass

Mine is a great playing bass and is set up with very low action and plays effortly. I do notice it being a little bright sounding than other Jazzes I own and quit possibly be because of the Badass on it and may at some time replace the pots but they look just like CTS pots and it does have a factory Switchcraft Jack in it which I was surprised to see!

Aug 15, Oakland Ca.

mij geddy lee jazz bass

Sep 4, Athens, Greece. I stand corrected again! I'm a dummy! Rotos '77 are flats and yes! They "tug"! Oct 27, Nov 7, Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Delberthot posted a picture of his seafoam green PJ which he claimed to have the same necks the GL Jazz.

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It looks like to me though that the truss rod adjustment is in the headstock, where as the MIJ GL's were in the heel could be wrong Delberthot. I just didn't see it in the heel. At first this made me question whether his neck was the same as the GL Jazz, but then maybe thought that the truss rod position was changed when production was moved to Mexico. Sep 16, New Orleans, LA. I have one of those seafoam green basses and the neck does feel very similar.

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About This Listing. Condition is excellent, a couple of small dots on the finish but few and far between. The strings will need to be removed to fully clean the bridge. This bass has been very well cared for through the course of its life. The only knock is that a previous owner painted the original pickguard black.

mij geddy lee jazz bass

A repro has been put on since, the original long gone. I like the slim tapered neck. The neck is fast and straight. Please ask all questions before buying, this sale is final unless the bass arrives not as described.

I had the case previously and modified it to carry a reverse Firebird tightly. I used a box cutter and some duct tape to make a little room for the previous occupant shaving down the north and south ends of the island in the middle of the case.Oct 18, 1. Sep 10, New Jersey. I see that production has moved to Mexico on these vs. Does anyone have any experience with one or the other? Should it be something that makes me not buy the bass?

The only one I ever owned, I wasn't crazy about. I've heard great things about the MIJ though so I wouldn't hesitate to grab one of those. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Dillion Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Review

Oct 18, 2. Oct 13, I'm with you. I have a friend with an MIM that I didn't like at all.

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In my opinion, get an MIJ. MovingPitchers likes this. Oct 18, 3. Apr 13, Constant state of flux. However, the GL's sound very thin to me vs. MIA's, but of course this could be easily rectified with a pickup change. Oct 18, 4. Jul 10, Detroit,MI. I say you do the same! Geddy got a better deal then I did.

I say buy a good used GL. My brother just bought his girl friend a USA candy cola jazz,just a awesome bass!!!

Oct 18, 5. Jun 15, Oct 18, 6. Oct 18, 7. Oct 18, 8. Nov 10, Pensacola, FL.

Geddy Lee Jazz - MIM vs. MIJ

Oct 18, 9. Oct 18, Apr 22, Not on Talkbass. I think the whole thing about MIM is not that they can't make great stuff in Mexico, it is that moving production to Mexico is symptomatic of cost cutting in general. They probably use their tools until they break, then duct tape them back together and use them some more. Now if you take the same workforce and give them some higher quality tools and raw materials I am sure they can knock it out of the park.

Mexico DOES have a tradition of luthiery and guitar is featured prominently in most opular forms of music. Japan has a deep history of woodworking, and they have really taken to the American musical idiom.It is distinct from the Precision Bass in that its tone is brighter and richer in the midrange and treble [1] with less emphasis on the fundamental frequency. First introduced in as the Deluxe Modelit borrowed design elements from the Jazzmaster guitar.

The Jazz Bass has two single coil pickups with two pole pieces per string. As well as having a slightly different, less symmetrical and more contoured body shape known in Fender advertising as the "Offset Waist Contour" bodythe Jazz Bass neck is noticeably narrower at the nut than that of the Fender Precision Bass. While the Precision Bass was originally styled similarly to the Telecaster guitar, the Jazz Bass' styling was inspired by the Jazzmaster guitar, with which the Jazz shared its offset body and sculpted edges that differentiate it from other slab-style bass bodies.

The original intention of the instrument was to appeal to upright bass players. The original Jazz Bass had two stacked knob pots with volume and tone control for each pickup. Original instruments with this stacked configuration are highly valued in the vintage guitar market.

In late it received three control knobs: [4] two controlling the volume of each pickup and one the overall tone. Despite this new feature, many stacked knob models were made until about Another feature the initial models had were the "Spring Felt Mutes", which were present on basses from until The purpose of those mutes was to dampen the overtones and the sustain, and were screwed in place between the bridge and aft pickup.

Those felt mutes were not a tremendous success, and were replaced by a cheaper, more simple foam mute glued underneath the bridge cover as was used by the Precision Bass from onwards. A number of cosmetic changes were made to the instrument when CBS purchased the Fender companies in Fender also switched to the three-bolt neck "micro-tilt adjustable" neck and the "bullet" truss rod in mid-to-late before reverting to the more standard four-bolt neck fixing and dot-shaped fretboard markers in In Fender introduced the Japanese-made Fender Performer Bassalso with micro-tilt neck, designed by John Page and intended to be an Elite version of the Jazz Bass; however, the radical styling was not popular and production ceased the same year.

Two other changes that were more important to the tone of the instrument also occurred in the early 's. From until latethe two pickups on the Jazz Bass were spaced 3. The bridge pickup was then moved. Many players believe that this change contributed to a somewhat brighter tone from the bridge pickup. According to Fender itself, this change happened in Around the same time, Fender began using ash for most of the instrument bodies.

Prior to the early 70's, most Jazz basses had bodies made of alderexcept for those that were finished in a clear or "natural" finish - for those basses ash was nearly always the wood of choice.

In the early 70's ash bodies became increasingly common and by ash bodies were the rule, rather than the exception. Ash is generally thought produce a somewhat brighter and correspondingly less warm tone than alder. By the mid's the combination of 4" pickup spacing and the use of heavier ash bodies with maple fingerboards combined to produce a notably brighter tone than that produced by Jazz basses from the 60's. Unlike the Fender Precision Bass Pluswhich had an optional maple neck, the Boner Jazz Bass was offered only with a rosewood fingerboard.By rocketmanJanuary 3, in The Gibson Lounge.

This is really neat. There are subtle differences, except for the USA one with an ash body and maple neck. My Geddy Lee Jazz Bass has an alder body and a maple neck. The neck is very thin. It's a MIJ one but I just love it. Wish he put that in this video for a comparison though. Fender has done an excellent job of destroying their brand in my opinion. Particularly their American made stuff.

In fact that "American Made" label is a bit tricky these days with parts being made in Arizona and shipped to Mexico for finishing and shipped back to Arizona for the "Made in America" stamp to go on.

Fender Jazz Bass

IF you're the least bit handy you can slap one together yourself for nearly nothing. My current stock of Fender basses consist of a 83 Fender P bass made in the Fullerton factory and an Active Squire Deluxe Jazz Bass 5 string with a phenolic fingerboard. I would put the Squire up against any American made Jazz 5 string out there.

I will never buy another American made Fender again That mex lacks any top end. I wonder how similar you could get them all sounding just by changing the settings on the amp. I own a CIJ precision. The craftsmanship on Japanese models is excellent.

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On other messages boards that are more Fender centric, it is very popular to get an overseas made Fender and then mod the hell out of it with new pickups, toggle switches, pots, and sometimes bridges and tremolos. I have a MIJ reissue Jazz. It was built in 94 with block inlays and neck binding.In a future version, you might be able to share batch anomaly scores with other co-workers or, if desired, make them publicly available.

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Fender Geddy Lee Artist Series Signature Jazz Bass MIJ 1999 - 2014

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How can I find out when my Japanese-made instrument was manufactured?

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